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Relax your body and mind, receive luxurious skin services

body therapy, purely and beautifully, the way nature intended.

This is an exciting time in the skin care business. We have seen many advances over the last decade, which means we can navigate our own aging process with much more control in spite of gravity! By using the latest discoveries in cosmetic chemistry
In our stress-filled, high-tech, impersonal world where we all try to make use of every moment, we need to take time for ourselves in order to achieve and maintain balance in our lives. The things we do to feel better ultimately make us better friends
Warm Seaweed Wrap 60 minutes : $100.00 For a full body detox, get wrapped in a blend of stimulating algae extracts while your technician massages your face and scalp.  A hydrating moisturizer is applied after you take a warm, relaxing clean finish with hot towel.