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Acne Skin

The dermis layer of your skin consistently generates fresh, young skin cells that rise to the skin's surface. As they ascend, they slowly die and fill with the protective protein keratin, which safeguards your skin from harmful external agents. Acne develops when these cells accumulate and clog pores. People with blackheads and other non-inflammatory blemishes may indeed find regular facials help to reduce the amount of breakouts they experience. During a facial treatment, estheticians perform extractions by manually removing pore blockages, or comedones . By extracting these impactions, the pores are cleared of excess oil and cellular debris. Blemishes are less likely to form, improving some cases of non-inflammatory acne. Acne treatment depends on whether you have a mild, moderate, or severe type of acne.
The Oxygen Acne Treatment significantly advances the science of acne skin care by combining strong medicine with gentle, natural ingredients for a truly balanced approach.

Treatments for Acne Skin recommend

1. Oxygen Acne Treatment
A professional acne treatment system utilizing pure oxygen, along with proven acne-fighting ingredients to: - Deep clean, exfoliate and unclog pores
- Oxygenate to kill harmful P.Acnes bacteria
- Calm, soothe and cool skin inflamed by acne
- Feed, nourish and hydrate the skin
- Promote healing and re-balance the skin
- Protect against dangerous photo-aging damage
(Allow 60 minutes.) $ 99

2. Glycolic Facial This maximum exfoliating treatment is designed to help smooth complexions, soften dry skin, minimize fine lines, and balance irregular skin tones and even help to correct acne conditions including repair undernourished, damaged, dry, thin skin and promotes circulation and cell renewal.

- Results can be realized after one application.
- Can be applied up to three times a week.
- Works with all skin types.
- European Facial Massage The traditional deep cleansing facial, has proven over time to most beneficial for maintaining healthy clear skin. We do skin analysis, cleansing with hydrating steam, exfoliation, as well as deep and relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage then a veil of moisture cream in the benefits. (Allow 45 minutes.) $89

3. Deep Cleansing
, Get rid of acne and blemishes with the deep cleansing facial This treatment includes steaming, exfoliation, extraction, thorough pore cleansing, mask and moisturizer. (Allow 45 minutes.) $89

Recommends adding with LED Blue Light Therapy (Add on $36)

Blue Light: Blue Light Acne Treatment is a faster solution to clearing acne than traditional oral and topical medication. By using light to kill acne bacteria, results are apparent more quickly. This extremely safe treatment can control your acne or clear it up for a long period.
How Blue Light Acne Treatment Works
When the skin is exposed to the high intensity ultraviolet light, the response is a creation of oxygen molecules inside the sebaceous gland that destroy the bacteria (called P.Acnes) and help the healing process. With the bacteria gone, acne begins to clear up and skin begins to heal.

- P. acnes is known as the causative agent of acne. Porphryin, a compound generated by the P. acnes bacteria, is photosensitive and reacts to 405-440nm (blue) light
- The Del Sol™ blue light hand piece emits 430nm blue light
- Blue light therapy is an alternative for patients who do not respond well to antibiotic therapy or who develop problematic side effects
- A complement to HydraFacial™, microdermabrasion or other oily & acne-prone skin treatments

Treatment for acne scars
Acne scars are some of the most stubborn blemishes to get rid of.   Not only is the damage from past breakouts visible in the bumpy or “poc marked” texture of the skin, but it is also visible by way of  “bruised” purple marks on the skin. 

1. Microdermabrasion (Allow 45 minutes.) $89

Uses ultra-fine crystals to gently exfoliate the upper most of the skin it is an effective deep skin polishing technique that removes unwanted dead skin cells.

This physical exfoliation procedure uses a machine that applies tiny ultra-fine crystals to the skin's surface to remove the outer layers of dead skin. This procedure uses a highly controlled vacuum and pressure system moving microscopic crystals over the surface of the skin to gently remove the outer layer of the skin. This treatment is excellent for brown spots, acne and oily skin, acne scars, age spots and superficial pigmentation, enlarged pores and sun damaged skin.

- Leaves skin silky smooth
- Removes excess oil
- Reduces pore size
- Black head and white head removal
- Improves acne scarring
- Reduces age spots, freckles, fine lines, and wrinkles
- Safe for all skin types
- No recovery time, return to work the same day

What results can you expect?

- With only the first treatment, your skin will have a light pink glow. It will feel softer and continue to exfoliate over thenext few days.
- With continued treatment, will minimize or remove many skin imperfections and abnormalities
- Maximum results can be achieved after 8 to 16 treatments depending on the blemish or condition treated.

ACTIVE ACNE 12 Microdermabrasion treatments
ACNE SCARS 20 Microdermabrasion treatments & 6 Laser treatments