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Normal Skin

If you don't have a problem with oil or breakouts and your facial skin doesn't feel dry and tight, you fall in the normal skin type range. Most people with normal skin have a more even tone and tighter pores. While normal skin is the least problematic type, it is still important to cleanse, moisturize and treat every day. What you need to do with facial on normal skin we recommend.

1. Basis cleansing, For those short on time, but in need of a cleaning. This treatment includes steaming, exfoliation, thorough pore cleansing, mask and moisturizer. (Allow 30 minutes.) $55

2. Deep Cleansing, Get rid of acne and blemishes with the deep cleansing facial This treatment includes steaming, exfoliation, extraction, thorough pore cleansing, mask and moisturizer. (Allow 45 minutes.) $89

3. Rejuvenating Facial, New Facial Treatment with Ultrasonic Technology

This revolutionary Ultrasonic equipment sends streams of ultrasonic vibrations into every part of your skin layer at the speed of 28,000 vibrations per second. Such high frequency vibrations eject and remove just about everything under your skin such as:

- Dead skin cells
- Small black and white heads (difficult to extract by hand)
- Dirt and grease particles

Other benefits:

- Increased skin's metabolism
- Diminish the appearance of wrinkles with surface muscle relaxation

This Treatment also has a sterilizing effect creating extra clean, smooth, soft and elastic skin! (Allow 45 minutes.) $89